The objective of the Opalis website is to facilitate the reuse of materials in construction projects. The site was created by Rotor, Belgium and is being developed in Europe in partnership with Bellastock in France, among others.

NADA NOVO is working with the creators of Opalis on a pilot project to expand its application nationally, including Portuguese territory.

Get in touch if you are interested in helping to build this platform and have any information about entities/suppliers, nationally, that store or distribute used construction components (sale, donation or otherwise).

Research visits to mines of reuse materials in Portugal: MV Gestão de resíduos, Gondar/ Banco de Materiais, Porto / Pinheiro Antiquidades, Barcelos / Associação Reto à Esperança, Porto / RBA Armazem de Oportunidades, Silva / Lima Amorim Granitos & Construção, Ponte de Lima. 
Photos: Jérémy Pernet, Jonny Pugh