"Intermedios", an open set of publications, in no pre-defined order, is dedicated to the topic of reusing recovered building components, one of the central approaches in the field of sustainability and combating climate change. The intermediate phases of the life of components are counted and, after a cycle of use, they are put back into use again. Not only the material aspects of reuse in construction stand out, but also the transition processes between design and implementation and the untold stories when it comes to reuse practices. The present condition of each component is seen as the intermediate point of use, in a holistic questioning of meanings, aesthetics, textures, values and emotions.

In addition to the final results, there is a wealth of detail and significant challenges relevant to professionals in the construction sector, researchers, students, visual arts professionals, performing arts, and also, for the non-specialized public, that the practice of reuse in architecture or in any other construction (scenarios, sculptures, spatial devices, etc.) that are raised and explored in “intermediates”. Each publication incorporates the theme of reuse through the use of used paper, original design practices and accessible language and communication. Each publication launch will occur in a location associated with the reuse of components, such as buildings constructed with reused components or warehouses, in informal environments for conversation with guests linked to the specific topic covered in each publication.

Financial support:
Direção-Geral das Artes, Portugal.

Project dates:
October 2024 - July 2025

Cláudia Escaleira
Jonny Pugh
Jérémy Pernet
Rosinda Casais
Clara Vale
Carlos Maia
Ana Alvanéo