FÓRUM NADA NOVO (NO NEWS FORUM) is an invitation to participate in a program of activities on reuse in construction, with workshops, conversations and exhibitions for higher education students, professionals and the general public.

FÓRUM NADA NOVO collectively explores the fate of the remains of the buildings we demolish to renovate cities (Porto and Guimarães) and searches for the stray pieces that escape fragmentation and accumulate at the back of warehouses.
It maps their lives, records their meanings and photographs these new 'mines'.
It rescues these pieces and builds the Forum in which 'nothing is new'—neither the pieces nor the practice of reuse— supporting the central reflection:
What is the future of reuse? How will we change?

The project is divided into three main artistic practices, interconnected, with different formats, spaces, methodologies, audiences and objectives: 
- 'Peças Desgarradas: A origem dos Materiais' (Stray Pieces: the origin of materials) - workshop of exploration and production and Exhibition
- 'Peças Resgatadas: Práticas conceptuais e construtivas’ (Rescued Pieces: Conceptual and constructive practices) - Workshop of reuse and construction of a symbolic spatial device, the ‘Fórum’, and Exhibition, integrated in the ‘FÓRUM NADA NOVO’
- 'FÓRUM NADA NOVO‘ – Forum focused on reuse that integrates the Exhibitions, Mini-workshops, and Conversations.

The different practices are distributed across the northern part of the country (the districts of Porto and Guimarães). From the Architecture Schools (Porto and Guimarães), participants travel to material suppliers, and are then directed to urban cultural centers (Garagem Avenida and O Instituto), and ultimately to a community association (Pele), in the area of Campanhã.

‘FÓRUM NADA NOVO‘ takes place in Campanhã because it represents the reality of inequalities in Porto, yet at the same time is going through a process of strong urban regeneration through large-scale works based on new construction and rehabilitation processes that will move enormous quantities of materials and construction components. In a provocative way, attention is drawn to development that ignores the environmental and social potential of reuse.

Project dates: 
January-July 2024

Cláudia Escaleira
Jonny Pugh
Alice Prata
Jérémy Pernet
Rosinda Casais
Clara Vale
Carlos Maia
Cidália Silva
Patrícia Robalo

Tiago Ascensão
Sarah Shrbaji

Financial support:

Direção-Geral das Artes, Portugal.

School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho (EAAD) / Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) / Pele, Porto / Women in Architecture (MA) / O Instituto, Porto / Materials Bank of the Municipality of Porto.

Rotor, Belgium / NEB goes South, European Union.

Institutional support:

Northern Regional Section of the Order of Architects (OASRN) / Portuguese Association for Urban Rehabilitation and Heritage Protection (APRUPP).