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In this third activity of the FÓRUM NADA NOVO project, the workshop ‘PEÇAS RESGATADAS: PRÁTICAS CONCEPTUAIS E CONSTRUTIVAS’ (RESCUED PIECES: CONCEPTUAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE PRACTICES) addresses the implications of reuse in conceptual and constructive practices, with experimental techniques, unconventional uses of materials, and the exploration of the aesthetic language of reuse.

In a collective and participatory act of conception and construction, the 'FÓRUM' - a symbolic spatial device - is created, aiming to be: the symbolic representation of the urgency of the discussion about a human future with a scarcity of materials; the political device of civic participation to discuss a sustainable future; and the ‘centre’ of this meeting.

The 'FÓRUM' is built with used construction components collected from the sites visited during the 'PEÇAS DESGARRADAS' (STRAY PIECES) workshop, from other suppliers in the surrounding area and from demolitions that have taken place in the meantime.

The development of the workshop is complemented by the presence of Mulheres na Arquitectura (Women in Architecture), to confront participants with practical issues of gender inequality in the construction professions.

The workshop and final event (July 20th) of the FÓRUM NADA NOVO project take place in Azevedo, Campanhã, at ADEGA - PELE (a locally active cultural association), partner of the project. In this area of the city of Porto, while being confronted with profound social inequalities, we witness processes of strong urban regeneration with large-scale new construction and rehabilitation works that displace enormous quantities of materials and construction components. 

Provocatively, attention is drawn to the need for development that incorporates the social and environmental potential of reuse.

‘Adega’, Pele cultural association, Azevedo, Porto. 
Photo Rosinda Casais

University students, professionals, general public (max. 20 participants)

ADEGA - PELE, Azevedo (Campanhã), Porto

4th - 17th July 2024

Clara Vale, FAUP/ CEAU
Carlos Maia, EAAD-UM
Cláudia Escaleira
Jonny Pugh
Alice Prata

PELE Team:
Fernando Almeida
Carina Moutinho

Mulheres na Arqutectura Team:
Joana Pestana Lages 

Financial support: 

Direção-Geral das Artes, Portugal.

School of Architecture, Art and Design of the University of Minho (EAAD) / Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) / Pele, Porto / Women in Architecture (MA) / O Instituto, Porto / Materials Bank of the Municipality of Porto.

Rotor, Belgium / NEB goes South, European Union.

Institutional support:
Northern Regional Section of the Order of Architects (OASRN) / Portuguese Association for Urban Rehabilitation and Heritage Protection (APRUPP).